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Happy Birthday, GG!

We may be a relatively new group, but we’ve already hit our 300th release a week ago. Today is our second anniversary, and in honor of this special day, Yuffie pushed herself to QC FIVE chapters! They are Room Share ch. 5-6, Yankee-kun to Pantsu no Oujisama ch. 5, and Kokushi no Shima ch. 1-2!!!!

As a little intro about Kokushi, our seinen department was getting a little lonely, so we welcomed this new family member. You’ll find the art very familiar because it was drawn by Yamamoto Kotetsuko-sensei. In this series, our protagonist heads to a mysterious island in search of a missing friend. Hmm… Yamamoto-sensei, horror, and seinen… aren’t you getting curious??? Go and give Kokushi a shot!

Still looking for typesetters.

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