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ROFLMAO. Can things get even more awkward than that?! You betcha! Go see in Heart no Kakurega ch. 15! 

Requesting a bunch of helping, groping hands to work on our projects. Head over to our recruit page for more details =]

We Need You

As of Monday, we’re not accepting anymore suggestions for the big bulk order until further notice. But your role in our decision-making process isn’t over just yet! For the next two weeks, we’re going to go through everybody’s comments and start narrowing down the list. Here’s where you come in again.

Please be on the lookout for us. If you notice other scanlation teams picking up a similar book, let us know! If you know where we can get great quality raws online, notify us! Or if you want to express your support for a particular book, do that too! We work a whole lot more enthusiastically when we get responses from the readers ლ(╹◡╹ლ) Even though we can’t always write back to every one of you, we appreciate each comment, like and donation you guys leave for us. And we’re going to need these more than ever.

Okay, I’m blabbing too much. Imma go now. Please enjoy Charon Siphon ch. 8~

You’re Beautiful, It’s True ♫

Everyone should have someone there to tell him/her so at least once a day. If you erroneously think you don’t, you still got me - if not yourself! You’re positively beautiful~  Now let’s enjoy He Is Beautiful ch. 1 together on this lovely night ^^

We have to give some serious kudos to Zephire and Gwendelp for this project. Zephire requested this when she designed that beautiful insert page in last year’s ‘End of Summer Bulk’ for us. I can’t believe it took us so long to fulfill the request. But better late than never?  ┐(‘~`;)┌  (lol. I know this release is. Sorrys) And there were lots of horrific watermarks on these scans before Gwendelp’s most wonderful cleaning. Mucho thanks!

Lastly: You have until whenever ‘Sunday the 12th’ on this world passes by to send in your suggestions for our BULK BOOK ORDERHurry up, peeps! 

Deadline’s This Sunday

In order to keep to our schedule, we’re cutting off suggestions for our bulk order this Sunday. After this purchase, we won’t be placing another order for the next year or so. So if there are books that you’d like to see from us soon, make sure to voice your opinions. You can comment on the forum or on our sites’ sticky post. And I’m sure you can tell that this venture is going to require A LOT of manpower. If any of these projects tickle your scanlating hearts a teeny tiny bit, please join our team!

Now on to today’s release, it’s the long-awaited Ame Nochi Hare ch. 21~~~

No Need To Fear, For We Are Here


Oh, you’re all too sweet, thank you, thank you \(´▽`*)(*´▽`)/ Here, have some Count H ch. 4  and Guren no Alma ch. 3. Enjoy.
Since it’s been a while since Guren ch. 2 was out, a recap is due! 
Beni was taken away as a sample in the research on almas. Weiter has infiltrated the base to set him free. All that’s left is to find a way to get home.

Asking for suggestions, JPN/CHN Translators, and Cleaners~

Big Bulk Order

We plan to make a big bulk order, so please share your opinion and suggestions on our forum. We would love to do more shounen-ai titles as well as help promote new mangaka’s work. Our current list is not yet finalize, so feel free to add your suggestions. We might add it to our list and we may remove some of the current titles off our list as well. Nothing is finalized yet, so please come and join us and help us decide!

Happily Ever After

Today, we’re closing another project with Ikezu Kareshi no Otoshikata’s Extra and Petit Comic! These two boys will probably take a while before they can be completely honest with each other, but no doubt, their feelings will hold them together until then. We’re rooting for you~

Notice #1: A reader informed us Akunin o Nakaseru Houhou ch. 5 was missing a page. You can save the page directly into the folder or download the whole file again. All links have been re-uploaded.

Notice #2: Recruiting JPN/CHN Translators, and Cleaners. Thanks!

Bringing Sexy Back


I’m slightly earlier this weekend to end the month with our collection of hot guys from Ikezu Kareshi no Otoshikata ch. 5. Just look at them! Don’t you just want to jump them and get into their manga jizz biz? hehe Yup, we’re recruiting again, and we’re looking for Cleaners of all skill levels and CHN/JPN Translators. Please visit our forum if interested.

Last but not least, Akunin o Nakaseru Houhou ch. 5.5+Epilogue (END) came out yesterday. This project has been a smooth sailing because of our partner’s help. A round of applause for Ichinko Scans for releasing these chapters so quickly and wonderfully. (●ゝω)ノヽ(∀<●)

I Know I’m Late, But Sheesh…


Here! Just grab it and go! xD It’s our first oneshot in a long, loooooonggg time. To make this release even sweeter, it’s from Natsume-sensei: Ouji-sama no Ryuu!!! Oneshots is one of Yuffie’s weaknesses, so we got quite a few more of them planned. And before I tune out for the night, please pass on some thanks to our joint partner, Chinkoku Revelation for their cleaning.

I’ll see you Sunday. Sweet dreams <3