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Sunday Funday

We got a little sumthin something to satisfy both our BL and shoujo readers. Go thank Paradise Love Scans too for the fluffy yaoi in Brother Shuffle ch. 3! And after the very long wait, here’s Charon Siphon ch. 7!!! We concluded the last volume when Nanatsu was dragged into hell. Can her friends find her in time or will she be able to get out on her own?

To those of you in the US with me, happy Labor Day weekend! To the rest of you, umm… carry on? ;D

Two Days No See

Our main website finally got that makeover we’ve been wanting for awhile now. Isn’t the new look refreshing? Muchos kudos to Xavia for coming back during her precious break to do this for us.
An item of note you’ll find on the site is our Project Status spreadsheet. It gives you the most updated info on each chapter and the newest projects. Now you get to see how far along we are and where we’re stalled at for each series. 

With the news out of the way, here comes Wednesday’s releases… It’s Count H ch. 1 and Kinkyori Renai ch. 21!!! Visit our joint partner to thank them for the latter chapter. Have fun~

Let’s Do It Together?

We sucessfully teamed up with Ichinko Scans to work on Akunin wo Nakaseru Houhou from ch. 3.5 onwards. We won’t be releasing chapters 2-3 ourselves, but you can find Ichinko’s links on our sites and reader.

And that’s not all. Today, you’re also getting Brother Shuffle ch. 2, our love baby with Paradise Love Scans!!! Hurray for joint partners! Whoop whoop!

Hey Beautifuls

You guys made it through to Wednesday again. Here’s some Kinkyori Renai ch. 20+extra to keep you raring to go for the rest of the week. With that, we finished vol. 5! We’ll be putting up full volume links once the redesigning of our website is complete. As for vol. 6, StarryHeaven is editing it for us as I speak.

Oh, and we didn’t get to announce Yumeiro Pâtissière ch. 33's release on Sunday. Mucho credits to Titania Scans! Now, enjoy~

P.S. Sorry, Konan. Your tsundere act is cute too, but the best one still goes to Chopper ;D

There Is Only One Truth

Can he be anymore obvious? That face is practically screaming VILLAIN. Huhuhu. If only this mystery was that simple… In Kokushi no Shima ch. 5 & 6, the story picks up quickly where we left off. For days, Shikibu’s search for his friend is fruitless. But right when he was about to be resigned from the futility of getting any answers, he comes across the most devastating news?

These two chapters contain some truly, disturbing images. If you think you can stomach them through, go ahead and enjoy. A tip from me to you, Read them in a brightly lit room with a trusty teddy bear in your arms. You were warned~~~

It’s Here


After the angst and the long wait, we’re excited to present Sayonara, Itoshi no my Friend ch. 11 {end}!!! We last left off where Makoto asked Mizusawa to break things off with him. Can the timid onii-chan grow out of his insecurities by the finale?

There’s one little oneshot extra left before we can call this series a completed project. It’s been stalled because… we don’t have a typesetter! Typesetting’s not a very hard skill to learn, and we’re willing to train. Please apply if you can.