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***any chapter that's not listed here are ready and waiting to be released.

Akaki Tsuki no Meguru Koro chapter 8 waiting to be cleaned.

Akunin o Nakaseru Houhou chapter 2 getting cleaned.

Ame Nochi Hare chapter 21 getting translated and cleaned.

Ameiro Paradox chapter 9a getting quality checked.

Ameiro Paradox chapter 11 getting translated.

Brother Shuffle! chapter 3 getting type-setted.

Charon Siphon chapter 7 waiting to get type-setted.

Count H chapter 1 getting editted.

Danshi Hanayakanare chapter 6 getting cleaned.

Danshi Hanayakanare chapter 7 getting translated.

Darling no Oresama chapter 5 waiting to get translated.

Dekichatta Danshi chapter 9 getting type-setted.

Doushiyoumo nai Keredo extra getting quality checked.

Guren no Alma chapter 4 getting translated.

Heart no Kakurega chapter 14 getting type-setted.

Heart no Kakurega chapter 15 getting quality checked.

Ikezu Kareshi no Otoshikata chapter 5 getting type-setted.

Kimi no Sei - Kizuato chapter 6 needs new translator.

Kimi no Tonari de Seishunchuu chapter 10 getting type-setted.

Kinkyori Renai chapter 21-24 getting cleaned.

Koi to Kaerou chapter 5 getting translated.

Kokushi no Shima chapter 7 getting cleaned.

Kyouju to Shitsuji no Shizuka na Seikatsu Extra 1 getting cleaned.

Metamorcode chapter 4 waiting for raws to be released.

Momoyama Kyodai chapter 11 waiting to get translated.

Nekoka Danshi no Shitsukekata chapter 11 getting cleaned.

Sayonara, Itoshi no my Friend v.1 extra waiting to get type-setted.

Stardust Wink chapter 41 getting translated.

Stay Gold ~ Koi no Lesson A to Z extra waiting to get type-setted.

Tenshi 1/2 Houteishiki chapter 10 getting type-setted.

Yankee-kun to Pantsu no Oujisama chapter 6 getting quality checked.

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Kinkyori Renai ch. 20+extra

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Hey Beautifuls

You guys made it through to Wednesday again. Here’s some Kinkyori Renai ch. 20+extra to keep you raring to go for the rest of the week. With that, we finished vol. 5! We’ll be putting up full volume links once the redesigning of our website is complete. As for vol. 6, StarryHeaven is editing it for us as I speak.

Oh, and we didn’t get to announce Yumeiro Pâtissière ch. 33's release on Sunday. Mucho credits to Titania Scans! Now, enjoy~

P.S. Sorry, Konan. Your tsundere act is cute too, but the best one still goes to Chopper ;D

There Is Only One Truth

Can he be anymore obvious? That face is practically screaming VILLAIN. Huhuhu. If only this mystery was that simple… In Kokushi no Shima ch. 5 & 6, the story picks up quickly where we left off. For days, Shikibu’s search for his friend is fruitless. But right when he was about to be resigned from the futility of getting any answers, he comes across the most devastating news?

These two chapters contain some truly, disturbing images. If you think you can stomach them through, go ahead and enjoy. A tip from me to you, Read them in a brightly lit room with a trusty teddy bear in your arms. You were warned~~~

It’s Here


After the angst and the long wait, we’re excited to present Sayonara, Itoshi no my Friend ch. 11 {end}!!! We last left off where Makoto asked Mizusawa to break things off with him. Can the timid onii-chan grow out of his insecurities by the finale?

There’s one little oneshot extra left before we can call this series a completed project. It’s been stalled because… we don’t have a typesetter! Typesetting’s not a very hard skill to learn, and we’re willing to train. Please apply if you can.



Pardon for the last-minute release! Phew~ I made it with a little less than half-hour to spare. But hey, at least you’re still getting something today. And they are… Akunin o Nakaseru Houhou ch. 1 and Momoyama Kyodai ch. 10!!! Visit Cosmique Scansand Phoenix Serenade Scans to drop a thanks for each respective chapter.

That is all. Good night peeps and be well! 

It’s August


Did Konan’s scheme succeed? Can Kurugi and Sakurai’s relationship persevere through these secrets? And then there’s that gap that just seems to be widening… May we (GGS and StarryHeaven) present you, Kinkyori Renai ch. 19! You’re going to be in for a ride, enjoy~

We need a makeover! Where are you Web Designers??? In case you didn’t realize, this is another ticket to our VIP membership.

The Big Scoop!

No, seriously, what exactly is going on with Hinata? Is he really dropping out of school?! We left you at quite a cliffhanger last time, but today’s release, Stardust Wink ch. 38, will answer all your questions. Leave a little thanks on StarryHeaven's page for their work.

Any fairy web-mothers out here willing to help pretty us up? (˘ʃƪ˘)

There’s Still More

We got Danshi Hanayakanare ch. 5 for you today! With this release, we conclude volume 1. Wow, this has got to be the fastest we released a volume. The second one is being scanned and cleaned as we speak - and using Noomu’s words, we’ll continue to do our best!!!  (Wait until you see what context Noomu said it in lol)

Asking for Webbies and Typies =]



With StarryHeaven's assistance, we're bringing you Kinkyori Renai ch. 18 today. It’s for all you, 2-D fans; this chapter is full drama and doubt. Things are gonna get ugly soon~~ Well, no, the art is still nice, it’s the plot, yeah anyways never mind, you get what I mean.

YOU DO, RIGHT?! You get it when I said we needed a Web Designer, right?! Cuz I don’t think I heard from anyone yet /grumblegrumble

Oh Look, We’re Here


We’re here with a new StarryHeaven joint project, Stardust Wink ch. 37!!! We came in a little late into this series where childhood friends Anna and Hinata are finally dating, but that one particularly troublesome sensei has yet to go away! If you never read this series before, be sure to check it out. Anna is one of the goofiest female characters =]

ANY WEB DESIGNERS OUT THERE?! It’s time to vamp up our sites and if a fellow talented, generous fujoshi can help out, please contact us. 

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